We all wish to have a perfect wedding that is crowned by perfect filmography and photography. It is disappointing that most wedding planners in Canada do not ask the photographers how they plan to get the best wedding pictures. From fascinating over Pinterest to the argument over unplugged ceremonials, wedding photographers in Canada provide their instructions to grooms, brides, and guests as well.


Don’t Stress to Get Magazine Level Coverage

Some wedding planners go overboard to have their pictures match those in magazines. More people overspend to achieve this fete, making the ceremony even more stressful. Moreover, they require that every picture must be photo-shopped beyond perfection, making the whole idea more artificial.


Keep Time

Most shoots use up more time than they had been planned. When this happens, some time is usually cut from the photographer’s session. The photographer will have to edit the pictures in less time than it had been planned. To avoid this, make sure that you develop a schedule with your photographer before the ceremony begins, ensure that every contributor has a draft copy and have one of your trusted friend has an eye on the time.


Have a favorites list

It is important to have a wish list: this is a list of people that the wedding planners would wish to have a photo with on the day of the wedding. It could be your aunt or all the members from your football team. Whoever it is, make sure that you go through the entire team objectively beforehand. The day goes on so quickly; therefore, having a list of people you wish to take a picture with will hasten the process.


Get a Solid Rapport with Your Photographer

It is very important that you build a good understanding with your photographer. It is through a solid rapport that you will trust your shooter to handle the issue professionally. In most cases, photography issues are brought about by expectations that had not been set up beforehand. Without a good understanding, things may not work out as expected, making an uncomfortable experience for all people not involved.


Do not Worship Pinterest

It is often impossible to perfectly redo some of the pictures you saw on Pinterest. Some brides, however, feel the need to have their photos very similar to those on Pinterest. This is a wrong attitude, trust your photographer.


All in all, plan your ideal day upfront. Once the big day arrives, try to enjoy your wedding as much as you can.


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